Is MYTHOLOGY based on Fact? Recent Amazing Discovery Proves Theory.

History Heretic - Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

In every book I have penned, the theory has been put forward by me (and others over time) that “Mythology has its roots, or base story strongly anchored in fact.  It’s just up to modern man to finds those roots and share them with the world.”

Right of the start you may be asking yourself, “Commander, does that mean Mythology of gods like Thor, Zeus and others with supernatural X-Men like powers are rooted somewhere in truth?”  My short answer – yes.  My longer answer (at the moment) lets concentrate of the easier to discover – the PLACES of mythology and we’ll tackle the supernatural powered gods reality later.  So in this article let’s tackle one of those mythological places.  At the end of this article (which is filled with numerous photos of the find) I have included longer articles, newspaper articles and other important jump off links – so…

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