The Curious Case of Edward Mordrake.

Verum Fabula - True Story


Something more on the serious side.

Well, by now you might’ve figured I’m a medical student. It’s no news  that “Strange” cases would excite me.
This one definitely did.

Ever heard of two-faced people?
This one case is. Well, literally!

Saw this one picture trending on social networking sites.
Did a couple of hours worth research on it.
Deemed it may be possible.
*picks up axe and swings it like a Mythbuster*

Please stay with me as I unravel this mystery.

This guy.

He’s Edward Mordrake.


Now, I have no clue as to the date of this picture.
My take on it is, it would be around late 19th century.

Reason :
-According to Wikipedia (, the first commercial camera began sales at the consumer level at around 1885, and I don’t see any reason why a picture may be clicked using any other camera.

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