Why Don’t Cities Want Backyard Chickens?


I just got interviewed for a magazine article on backyard flocks (I will read the article, and if I don’t sound like an idiot, I will let you know which magazine it is 😉 ).  A question that the reporter asked me is “why WOULDN’T cities allow backyard flocks of chickens”.  It got me thinking…..I have been involved on both sides of the debate, most recently in Toronto, where the issue was voted down, and the opportunity to legalize henning was not pursued.  I know personally several chicken owners in the city, and they were understandably disappointed, and also confused.  Why? was a question I was asked several times.

The pro’s of keeping backyard hens have been clearly and effectively put forth by the proponents:

  1. Chickens make good pets…they are personable, quiet, small and reasonably cute
  2. Chickens produce eggs….arguements that they will contribute to food security, local food movements, and sustainability
  3. Chickens are…

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