Chia Seed Bread

Gully Creek Cottage


Hmmm…can you smell the homemade bread already?  Well you will and you’re going to ♥ it!

Our first loaf of bread for this week is Chia Seed Bread!


Chia seeds contain the highest amount of Omega 3 than any other food. Besides omega, these little babies are full of awesome nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants and protein.  In other words, they are terribly good for us!  So this recipe is going to give you a super nutritious loaf of goodness!



Recipe makes 1 – 1 ½ pound loaf
  • Warm water (110° F/45° C)
  • 3 T organic agave
  • 2 ¼ t or 1 (.25 ounce) packagebread machine yeast
  • 1/4 coil
  • 3 cbread flour
  • 2 T. chia seeds
  • 1 t sea salt

In a one cup measuring cup, add the 3 T. of agave then fill the rest with warm water until it reaches 1 cup of liquid. 


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Science of Fermented Feed

Scratch Cradle

Hermann Fuechsel’s “Feeding the Chickens” (1861-1897) This summer, I started playing with fermented feed after reading a thread about it on the BYC forum.  I wrote a post about my first attempt and the one research article I had read about the benefits, the Enberg1 study, and another post about my second attempt with an improved system.

After a great question from Max, I went to my university’s online database to learn more about fermented feed and its application to poultry.  Most research is tailored for large, corporate “farm”-type operations, but chickens are chickens and we can glean information which does apply to our backyard practices.  My first post, linked above, really covers the basics, and this article covers some additional details.

What is fermented feed?

Fermented feed is any sort of regular chicken feed or scratch which has been fermented with live cultures of bacteria or yeasts. …

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