Migraine Help

I planted some feverfew in my garden this year. My son gets migraines and I heard that it helps.

Disclaimer: this is my personal testimony – if you think this might work for you, please do research it and, if you’re already on doctor-prescribed medication, please do check with your GP.

I think “migraine” is thrown about quite a lot… everyone gets the odd headache, but I think only people that suffer from actual migraines understand the torment of it, and how different it is from a headache. So little is known about them – the cause; the cure. “Migrainers” (a term I refuse to adopt as a part of my identity) learn to know triggers but, for the most part, it’s still a mystery.

They present themselves differently for people, too. Mine always started with blind spotsmigraine

leading to “aura” – a wave of flashing lights in my vision that grows until my vision was all but blocked – like looking at the world through a…

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