GIANT TREES BEFORE THE FLOOD! No Trees on Flat Earth-Biblical Perspective 


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING!!! This will totally change your thinking about our earth and how you see it. We have seen mesas, buttes, and jagged rock mountains, but we have never truly SEEN them for what they are! Even if you are a Flat Earther, this is going to blow your mind! The pictures speak for themselves, but I highly recommend watching the video link below. It is fantastic and explains why these large rock structures are not lava formations, but are something much different than we’ve been told.

Here is the video that recently came out and is rocking the Flat Earth community.

There are No Forests on Flat Earth Wake up

Many assumptions have been made about how trees could have been this large and where they went. This is a view of these giant tree stumps from a Biblical perspective.

The evidence pointing to these large…

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2 thoughts on “GIANT TREES BEFORE THE FLOOD! No Trees on Flat Earth-Biblical Perspective ”

  1. This very new field of scientific inquiry has a few offering that silicon would be the basis for these huge plant structures similar to trees. In several publications, the assertion of some geologist that silicon would have to remain “liquid” as a prerequisite for sustaining this type of life, “but its melting point is 3000 degrees and therefor impossible” is absurd. Carbon does not remain a liquid and has a melting point of about 10,000 degrees. (which it never reaches because it converts to gas before that) On the other side of the argument, trees with that large of a trunk would not have to be 40 miles high. They would be more like huge shrubs only as tall as our tallest buildings. Probably a quarter of a mile to a mile. You don’t have to be a flat earther to recognize the same pattern around the world. When a smart scientist first suggested that birds were descended from dinosaurs, the idea was really ridiculed and laughed at. Now it’s commonly accepted as true.


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