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Rita at the shooting gallery

Amsterdam-based publisher Erik Kessels has produced 12 books of weird, often surreal, domestic photos, never intended for publication. Here are some of funniest, most enigmatic and inexplicably heartwarming pictures from his collection

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Kessel Kramer Publishing. From In Almost Every Picture Vol 7. 1951 Tilburg.
Rita in the shooting gallery.
Kessel Kramer Publishing. From In Almost Every Picture Vol 7. 1938 Tilburg.
Rita in the shooting gallery.
Kessel Kramer Publishing. From In Almost Every Picture Vol 7. 1997 Tilburg.
Rita in the shooting gallery.
Kessel Kramer Publishing. From In Almost Every Picture Vol 7. 2006 Tilburg 25 July_with fanclub.



Selfies and The Craze of Self-Photography

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A few weeks ago, General Colin L. Powell created an overnight Internet sensation by posting an image of himself, taken in the 1950s.  The image, capturing the young and dapper Powell in black-and-white, was a direct response to the “selfie” taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscars.  General Powell boldly proclaimed that he “was doing selfies 60 years before you Facebook folks,” and told Ellen to “eat her heart out.”

Colin Powell 60 years ago. Courtesy General Colin L. Powell. Colin Powell 60 years ago. Courtesy General Colin L. Powell.

Besides General Powell’s Facebook post, Ellen’s selfie drew the attention of President Obama.  The President, appearing on Ellen’s talk show, seemed a bit sore that the star-filled Oscar photo drew more Twitter retweets than his selfie with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, taken at the funeral of Nelson Mandela…

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Girl grows up among wild animals

  • Tippi was photographed growing up alongside wild animals in Africa.  Both of the girl’s parents are nature photographers, which explains   everything.

    Prior to Tippi being born, her French parents relocated their family to NamibiaAfrica. This is where the little girl was able to make friends with some of the world’s most feared and admired animals like lions, tigers and cheetahs. She also hung out with elephants and zebras.

    Instead of having their daughter grow up around peer pressure, drama and toxic preschool friends, her parents’ chose a completely different route. The best part is that they captured the photos and chose to share their daughter’s childhood with the world. How selfless! Check them out below.



    H/T: NegPoz, Photos courtesy of Tippi: My Book Of Africa


Exhibition: Mika Ninagawa

Exhibition: Mika Ninagawa

Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg, Denmark
Jan. 18 – May 4, 2014

Mika Ninagawa’s richly colored photos and movies often focus on magnifying details in extreme close-ups that provide an almost abstract image of reality. The particularly eye-catching aesthetics are kitsch in its exaggeration, but also poetic in its gentle and evocative images.

In a unique style, artist mixes a surreal universe with attractive visuals from the popular culture. For example by reference to older, Japanese geisha traditions and neoclassical films like “Kill Bill”. Both play with staging of sex, violence, weapons and beauty. In this manner, the works represent a special style that is particularly popular among Japan’s youth, but also within a wide international audience.

Mika Ninagawa (b. 1972) lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. She exhibited at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria; Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, France; Mori Tower and Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan, amongst many other places.

[from the press release by Viborg Kunsthal]

IMAGE: Mika Ninagawa, “on air” (Chiaki Kuriyama), 2004
©Mika Ninagawa, courtesy Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne

Past, Present, Future


Jacquie Robinson Photography

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.” – Unknown
Photos taken by: Camille Sylvester — with Sarah Herbert and 2 others at Collonges Sous Saleve.

A Story of Trust (new book by Shreve Stockton)

Saved from certain death
Charlie the coyote owes his life to a whim. A worker with Wyoming Wildlife Services was tasked with killing coyotes that had attacked sheep, but he had an odd compulsion to save one of the pups. Though he didn’t fully understand why he did it, he handed the 10-day-old coyote pup to Shreve Stockton to raise. Stockton, a writer and photographer, took Charlie in — and how could she not, after looking at this tiny face?What happened next is a story of trust, an unbreakable loving bond formed with the “enemy,” and the beginning of a daily story told in photos to fans across the Internet.
Raised by loving hands
“Now, on my second day with the coyote, soft light filled the cabin in the early afternoon. I nestled him between two pillows and dug around under my bureau for my camera,” Stockton writes in her book, “The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Trust and Survival in the Wilds of Wyoming.”


Soon to be a star
“Charlie and Eli were deep into their brotherhood,” Stockton writes of Charlie bonding to his tomcat friend. “On every walk, they stopped under a busy weed and crouched together, eating the tender grass that grew beneath it.” It’s not very common that people allow coyotes anywhere near their cats, but this pup had only love for the orange tabby.

(Text: Jaymi Heimbuch)


Burying herself in research and dedication to the survival of the coyote pup, Stockton readied herself for unknown challenges.

Meanwhile, Charlie made friends with Eli the tomcat.

Shreve Stockton on Amazon


Twenty Awesome Pictures of Mushrooms

1. Bleeding Tooth Fungus (Hydnellum peckii) – Looks like jelly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. Golden Jelly Fungus (Tremella mesenterica) – This one looks like The Blobmsuhrooms 213. Veiled Lady Mushroom (Phallus indusiatus) – Is this mushroom about to get married?msuhrooms 194. Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina) – That purple is stagerringmushrooms 175. Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom (Mycena chlorophos) – Love things that glowMinolta DSC6. Blue Fungus (Entoloma hochstetteri) – As blue as the ocean

mushrooms 157. Dog Stinkhorn (Mutinus caninus) – Interesting namemushrooms 148. Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) – Nailed it!mushrooms 139. Devil’s Cigar (Chorioactis geaster) – Not seing the cigars. Looks like a starfishmushrooms 1210. Brain Mushroom (Gyromitra esculenta) – Look at those folds!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11. Giant Puffball (Calvatia gigantea) – Biggest mushroom I ever sawmushrooms 1012. Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) – Now THAT is coolmushrooms 913. Indigo Milkcap (Lactarius indigo) – Looks like it brokemushrooms 814. Cordyceps (Cordyceps ophioglossoides) – Looks like tiny fingersmushrooms 715. Fly Agaric (Amanita muscariaj) – I just want to get my Mario Kart out and start bouncing on thesemushrooms 616. Violet Coral (Clavaria zollingeri) – This looks like it belongs in the oceanmushrooms 517. Fancy Peach (Rhodotus palmatus) – Those jelly spots are intensemushrooms 418. Anemone Stinkhorn (Aseroe rubra) – Definitely belongs in the oceanmushrooms 319. Caesar’s Mushroom (Amanita caesarea) – Et tu Brute?mushrooms 220. Pixie’s Parasol (Mycena interrupta) – Considering the zoom on this one, they could definitely be umbrellas for fairiesmustrooms 1

  1. Edible, but known to be psychoactive.
  2. DO NOT EAT. Known to be very bitter.
  5. Edible and quite tasty!
  6. DO NOT EAT. Awful smell
  9. Edible
  10. Edible
  11. Edible
  12. DO NOT EAT
  13. Edible, but must be properly prepared (a Chinese delicacy). Toxic and fatal if not dried or cooked.
  14. DO NOT EAT. Tastes awful
  15. DO NOT EAT
  16. DO NOT EAT
  17. DO NOT EAT
  18. Edible – Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth stunning time lapse of it (see below)animated gif of veiled mushroom
  19. DO NOT EAT. May contain arsenic from the soil.
  20. DO NOT EAT

Self-Portraits Show Artist’s Descent Into Alzheimer’s

Self-Portraits Show Artist’s Descent Into Alzheimer’s

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1995, artist William Mutermohlen set out to document himself slipping away through a series of self-portraits. The project spanned 8 years and shows the decline of his motor and perceptual skills as well as the emotional aspects associated with losing his reality. Mutermohlen’s project has helped psychologists to better understand this disease that affects over 1 in 8 elderly Americans and all of those who knew and loved them. See more self-portraits at and find out more behind this fascinating story in this New York Times article.

Written by Jessica Czeck

Gravity Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads

gate-640x425 le_mur_2 moment_of_decision-640x805 passage1-640x480 passage2-640x428 passage3-640x480 piled_forest-640x480 still_life_with_tree-640x480German artist Cornelia Konrads creates mind-bending site-specific installations in public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens around the world. Her work is frequently punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness, where stacked objects like logs, fences, and doorways appear to be suspended in mid-air, reinforcing their temporary nature as if the installation is beginning to dissolve before your very eyes.

What you see here only begins to scratch the surface of Konrad’s work. You can see much more on her website. All imagery courtesy the artist.

We are living in a hologram.

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