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Obscure facts about George Costanza

George Costanza Had 43 Girlfriends on the show

Over the course of 9 seasons, Costanza has 43 girlfriends. At one point he gets engaged and tries that out, but it ends disastrously. His relationships last a very short while before they crash and burn, too, or fizzle out. George’s parents are Frank and Estella, who he lives with for awhile. He says he lost his virginity to Ms. Stafford, his homeroom teacher. Jerry humors his need to over express himself and overanalyze things. By the end of the series, George is womanless.

George Costanza was Photobombing 15 years before it became a thing…

Festivus was actually not created by George’s father

Festivus was actually not created by George’s father, Frank Costanza. The fake holiday was created well before the series was even conceived, in 1966, by an editor of Reader’s Digest named Dan O’Keefe, who created it to celebrate the anniversary of his first date with his wife. Festivus came to the script of Seinfeld by way of O’Keefe’s son, who was working as a writer of the show. The aluminum pole was the writer’s own artistic spin on Festivus.

George was written out of complete episode (‘The Pen’, season 3) and Jason Alexander threatened to quit Seinfeld if it happened again

Jason Alexander describes this incident as one of the “few” problems he ever had with series creator Larry David. Worried that he was unneeded and on the path to being written out of the show permanently, Alexander confronted David, saying, “Larry if you do it again, do it permanently.” He had the confidence to confront David, he says, because the show was not yet a hit, and Alexander had uprooted his career for it.

Costanza is named after a real friend of Jerry Seinfeld’s, who later sued Jerry over it

While most know that Larry David modeled the George Costanza character after himself, most are unaware that the character is named after Jerry’s friend, Mike Costanza. Mike Costanza would later sue Seinfeld, David, and NBC for $100 million, claiming invasion of privacy and defamation of character. The case was dismissed.

George’s Vital Stats

Parents: Frank and Estelle Costanza

Full Name: George Louis Costanza

Junior High School:

High School: Kennedy High School

College: Queens College; he did get into Podiatry School!

Lost Virginity: to Ms. Stafford the home room teacher

Condom of Choice: Trojan

Secret ATM Code: Bosco

Religion: Converted to Latvian Orthodox