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A course in Demonic Creativity

I am always looking for ‘free’ books to read online.  This title jumped out at me for obvious reasons.  It’s  an interesting, thought provoking book, for sure..

If you’ve never read it, and if you choose to do so now, I sincerely hope you find that it enhances your creative engagement with your own  muse.  (hopefully, not a demonic one)


 (click cover to read PDF)


Where does creativity come from? Why do ideas and inspiration feel as if they come from “outside,” from an external source that’s separate from us but able to whisper directly into the mind? Why have so many writers throughout history — and also composers, painters, philosophers, mystics, and scientists — spoken of being guided, accompanied, and even haunted by a force or presence that not only serves as the deep source of their creative work but that exerts a kind of  gravitational pull on the shape of their lives?

The book’s starting point is the proposition that we all possess a higher or deeper intelligence than the everyday mind, and that learning to live and work harmoniously and energetically with this intelligence is the irreducible core of a successful artistic life. We can call this inner force the unconscious mind or the silent partner. We can call it the id or the secret self.

Your unconscious mind truly is your genius in the ancient sense of the word.  Befriending it as such, and interacting with it as if it really is a separate, collaborating presence in your psyche, puts you in a position to receive its gifts, and it in the position to give them to you.

About Matt Cardin

Matt Cardin is the author of DARK AWAKENINGS, DIVINATIONS OF THE DEEP, A COURSE IN DEMONIC CREATIVITY: A WRITER’S GUIDE TO THE INNER GENIUS, and the forthcoming TO ROUSE LEVIATHAN. He writes about the apocalyptic intersection of religion, horror, the paranormal, creativity, consciousness, and culture.